#OutfitSelfie 1.6.2014: Back to Work

As the song goes, “Back to life, back to reality…” was on repeat for me as I was getting ready for my first day back on my work grind after 2 wonderful friend and family filled weeks off. While getting out of bed was a struggle, getting dressed was not since I had a handful of new gifts to wear.

photo (12)

Shirt: Ann Taylor | Skirt: J. Crew Factory [different color, on sale] | Boots: G by Guess [similar]

Let’s start with a gift to myself, the J.Crew double-serge wool long pencil skirt. Like I’ve said before, I love structured clothes. With the right lines, any outfit can feel instantly pulled together and classic. The pencil skirt is the epitome of  this. I fell in love with this cut from J.Crew this summer with their double-serge cotton version and kept the party going with the wool version.  The best part about this is that I got it on super duper clearance. A lined wool skirt for $30 – yes, please, and thank you! The length makes me look taller than I really am and pairs nicely with tall boots without looking like you walked off the set of Big Love.

The top was a gift from the ‘rents and boy did they do well (Thanks y’all!)! This sweater goes from standard to statement thanks to the sweet peter pan collar.  Nora has talked about the challenges that can come with a collar of this sort, but luckily thanks to the bejewel action, it pushes past that, putting this shirt and collar into a category all its own.  The only downfall to this particular shirt is that it is too short to wear without tucking it in, thus limiting its pairing options to high-waisted bottoms. Not a big deal, but good to know. Either way, this top has now encouraged me to try more of this collar, attached or not.

Any Christmas gifts that are rocking your wardrobe? Tag us on Facebook or Instagram with #outfitselfie – we would love to see you!


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