Getting Ready for Prom

You did indeed read that correctly. I am getting ready for prom. My co-bloggtress is turning 30 and to ring in this momentous occasion, she’s throwing a prom – complete with a playlist from our own senior prom. Yes this is happening.

So what does one wear to the Golden Prom? I thought about going with the classic dress with lots of sparkles and sequins but then as I was scrolling through Instagram, I came across this beauty:

photo (2)

Isn’t this lovely?! Chic. Classic. SHARP! I knew that rocking a lady tux was the way to go for prom.  I’m still assembling the pieces but I have the jacket and the pants.  While I wasn’t able to find the exact suit (Please bring it back, RZ. It would be maj), my set up is the classic black on black satin tux.  I’m hoping to add flair with some sequins. I’m thinking something like this:


Nothing is set in stone yet but it’s looking close to finish. I can’t wait to share what I come up with for this eleganza extravaganza.

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