#OutfitSelfie 12.20.13

photo (15)

Sweater: J. Crew | Skirt: Banana Republic | Tights: Hue | Boots: Duo | Necklace: [similar]

Today being my last day before vacation, I decided not to do too much with myself this morning. Does that mean I need to look boring? Heck no. For me, an easy look means few pieces and little effort to get into them. This sweater – among my all-time favorite sweater shapes – is a shade of cream that goes with literally every other color. The skirt is a vibrant blue in a flattering full shape that also happens to be made of a fabric blend that feels like I’m wearing pajamas. Throw on my go-to custom-made boots (how fun is that to say?) and a long necklace, and you’ve got a look. My favorite thing about this outfit, I think, is the subtle diamond pattern on the tights. They’re just as easy to put on as solid tights, but a tiny bit more interesting.

The skirt, by the way, is definitively not petite. When I buy skirts to wear at my waist, I always consider the non-petite option as well as the normal petite, because my natural waist is pretty high on my torso. Sometimes the equation of “petite” + “at the waist” = a little too short on me, believe it or not.

Since this look is hyper-feminine (full skirt, delicate patterns), I chose my more dudely Fillmore eyeglasses (some day I’ll give you my Warby Parker review; spoiler: they’re fabulous) to balance the look. I feel like an author from the 1940s when I wear these.

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