Point/Counterpoint: The Joys of a Skincare System

Today Nora and I are duking it out – short lady to short lady – about skin care. Well maybe not an all out duel but we will share our thoughts, point/counterpoint style.

Point: Because the system works. 

sanitasFor most of my twenties, I was an OTC skincare girl.  If I could find it at Target it was alright by me. I had a few favs in rotation – St. Ives, Cetaphil, Oil of Olay (because my mom swears by it) and anything else that seemed to work for friends.  This worked for me well, until it didn’t.  When I reached my late twenties, I awoke one day to a face that was so angry with breakouts I didn’t know what to do, so I threw everything at it which made it worse. Finally I stopped taking matters into my own hands and put them into someone else’s.  In walks Emily, the aestistian.  If you are local (Raleigh/Durham), I highly recommend Emily and the rest of the crew at The Retreat. They are some miracle workers! Anyways, I started going to Emily for facials to get some balance back into my skin.  She told me all sorts of things about my skin – I always thought I was oily; she said combination. I thought I was cursed with the reminders of acne past; she said oh no this is fixable. Most importantly, she told me what exactly my skin needed for a daily regimen. Enter in Sanitas.

Sanitas is a full skincare line focused on biogenic solutions for making your skin its healthiest.  She picked out my kit, added in solar block and drying lotion to round everything out, and sent me on my way. This kit covers active cleansers, calming cleansers, moisturizes for day and night, and toners to help with scarring. We can vary the line up a little based on season, but I pretty much stick to the script. That was almost 3 years ago and I haven’t looked back.

That is the joy of having a skin care system – not having to think or worry about what you need next.  I used to just throw cleaners together hoping for the best with no real idea of what served what purpose and why I had to use what at a certain time.  For me, it helps to have a clear path laid out for me, especially when I know the result is a clear, happy, and radiant face.

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