Tis the Season! Coats for Formal Events

As the holidays approach, I’m getting invited to several events ranging from birthday parties (more on that later) to work events. This wouldn’t be an issue but one of the big birthday events is a black tie affair in…wait for it… Amherst, MA.  I’m a southern girl, through and through. I don’t do weather below freezing and I don’t understand how it can feel like a negative temperature.  Despite my lack of love for the cold, j’adore a good coat. So I will take this coat love and apply it to this MA cold, because I refuse to look like a marshmallow.

Since this is black tie, I’m torn between getting a long coat to shield my legs from the cold or a tea-length coat, which is my go-to cut. I’m going to need your help. Leave your votes in the comments  and hopefully I will have a coat that works for the event and the cold.

Here are the coats on the decision block:


Ruffle Front Walking Coat | DKNY


At the Operetta Coat | Mod Cloth

One thought on “Tis the Season! Coats for Formal Events

  1. I vote don’t go any longer than normal. I bought a couple of coats that were longer to shield from the cold and it always ends up looking like i’m wearing my mother’s coat. It’s definitely not flattering. Also I found that any time I have a special event, I always end up taking a cab anyway. Don’t really feel like standing outside in the snow waiting for the bus in heels.

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