Sweater Review – Cozy wins again!

Just received the sweaters that I featured in the Sweater Re-up under $100 post, and was pleased when I opened the package. As I held them up, I knew we had winners. Sleeves were right, looked like they had some shape and the length hit my hips just right, which is frequently an issue with petite sweaters. I was just about to call it a success and then I put one on.  Two of the four sweaters were the last thing I wanted in a sweater. Boxy, short, and itchy. It’s a shame too, because they had a stripe pattern that I wanted to add to the sweater collection.

photo (5)#outfitselfie 12.3.13
Sweater: Gap  | Flannel: Old Navy [similar] | Pants: LOFT 

As for the other two, the Cozy V-necks (see above), they are perfect in their simplicity and fit. I’m an Einstein shopper and went to get a couple more in the same color and they were no longer on sale, so I know it was meant to be.

As for the other two, they are going back to the store (hallelu for in-store returns!) and the search will continue for fitted, hit-the-hip, petite sweaters. May there be a pattern or two along the way.

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