Get Uncluttered with it!

As I said in my previous post, I switched out my summer clothes for the fall and winter collection over the holiday.  As I  was doing so, I was trying to figure out how I could keep my closest together and get a little more organized – then the tech world smiled on me.  I got an alert from MintLife blog (Mint – if you don’t know, you better find out. It’s more than just budgeting!) with 5 apps to help me declutter my closet.  stylitics

After looking through the reviews, I settled on Stylitics. Why? For a few reasons – the interface is easy to use, the ability to search for items in the catalog (in cause you don’t want to take pictures of your stuff), and the fact that it will look at what you wear and how many times you wear it, so that in the end you can let go of the pieces that you just don’t rock how you thought you would.

Stylitics closet Other cool reasons to have this app around is that it keeps you from buying the same/similar item twice and keeps your rotation fresh with the calendar feature.

There are a few things that I would like to change about the mobile app (a little more personalization, ability for the app to put together outfits based on your closet, more photo editing features, etc.) but some of that is addressed on the desktop version, so there may be hope for upgrades in the future.

I’m hoping that I’ll keep this up. Are there any other tools or tricks you use to keep your closet functioning?

Here’s to an organized wardrobe!

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